List of Reimbursable Tolls


  • I-95
  • Delaware River toll bridges


  • Chicago toll charges reimbursed for all pick-ups and deliveries in the Chicago metro area from north of US Route 20 to south of US-41 west to IL Route 50: $25


  • I-95
  • I-495


  • The Susquehanna River bridge on I-95
  • The Fort McHenry and Harbor Tunnels I-95


  • I-90 from I-84 to I-95 east and west bound

New Hampshire

  • I-93
  • I-95

New Jersey

  • All turnpike tolls

New York

  • All Hudson River toll bridges
  • New York City:
    Maximum pay of $78 for bridge tolls.
    We recommend you leave the city using the same route you took into the city
  • New York Thruway I-90 to Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and north:
    We do not recommend you take I-87 or I-90 into Massachusetts unless multiple stops require it.
  • New York Thruway I-87 to New York City to Albany and I-90:
    If required for multiple stop deliveries.


  • I-70/I-76 from New Stanton to Carlisle if your destination requires this route.
  • We do not recommend use for New York City and New England states.
  • Philadelphia to Youngstown, Ohio:
    Take US-30 to PA-283 to US-322 to I-80

West Virginia

  • I-64/I-77

Important Notes 

  • The reimbursements are designed for the tolls that you cannot escape going to the east coast. In areas where you have a choice of which route to take, tolls will not be reimbursed by the company. 
  • You should note, however, that toll expense not reimbursed by the company can be included as a business expense for Independent Contractors as long as you have receipts and documentation to prove the expense. 
  • There are a number of state tolls not reimbursed by Steelman. These include Florida, Indiana, Illinois (other than Chicago metro area), Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio and Oklahoma.