Information for Prospective Independent Contractors

As an Independent Contractor for Steelman Transportation, you are the cornerstone of our success, and our customers are your customers. We look forward to partnering up and sharing success with you.


At Steelman Transportation, we value our strong relationships with business people like you, who own your own truck and value the freedom and independence of operating your own business.

Trucks at Steelman average two (2) trips per week, each approximately 1,200 miles with less than 15% deadhead. Independent Contractors earn an average of $195,000 per year on approximately 125,000 miles per year.

Lease/Purchase Program

Steelman Transportation recognizes the barriers that prevent many drivers from fulfilling their dreams of owning their own truck and their own company. In response, we created a lease/purchase program specifically designed to help you reach your goals and achieve success.

We invite you to lease a high-quality late model truck with the opportunity for future ownership. Lease/purchase participants take home a NET average of $67,000 in pre-tax dollars per year after all expenses.

Independent Contractor Information

  • 0-6 Months Tenure – $1.05 per mile loaded, $0.96 per mile empty
  • 6 Months - 1 Year Tenure – $1.06 per mile loaded, $0.97 per mile empty
  • 1 Year Tenure – $1.07 per mile loaded, $0.98 per mile empty
  • 2 Years Tenure – $1.08 per mile loaded, $.99 per mile empty
  • 3 Years Tenure – $1.09 per mile loaded, $1.00 per mile empty
  • 4 Years Tenure – $1.10 per mile loaded, $1.01 per mile empty
  • 5+ Years Tenure – $1.11 per mile loaded, $1.02 per mile empty
  • Fuel Surcharge
    • Paid on all mileage when dead head is over 300 miles
    • (PC Miler Version 25 using practical miles)
    • (DOE National weekly average less $1.40 (your fixed fuel price) Divided by 5.7 MPG =FSC on all loaded miles)
  • Safety Incentive: $0.03\mi
    • (Based on all miles dispatched loaded and dead head accruing 30,000 miles per quarter -13 week period- with no preventable accidents, no safety related violations on road side inspections, no speeding violations, must maintain 95% compliancy (no violations) on logs (HOS). Please See Independent Contractor Contract for details.
    • (Per extra pick up and OR stop after the first and last pick up or stop)
  • New York City Pay: $100
    • (Plus reimbursement of all bridge tolls covers the 5 boroughs of NYC)
  • Layover Pay: $100
    • (Paid after 24 hours without dispatch after any unload $100 per 12 hour period thereafter must have available log hours and does not apply to breakdown, down time at the terminal time off or at home requires dispatch managers approval)
  • Detention Pay (waiting time) HOURLY
    • (After the first 2 hours (which are not compensated) and no including time spent tarping, untarping, or securing the load , $40\hr or fraction (depending on the customer contracted agreement)
  • Referral Award Pay: $1500
    • (MOST recruiting is done on a referral only basis. Settlement paid immediately following referral completing orientation-plus $500 retention award after 6 months)
  • Roadside Inspection Reward
    • (For all CVSA Level 1, 2, or 3 inspections where NO violations are discovered: $150 for level 1, $125 for level 2, $100 for level 3)
  • Scale tickets
    • (ALL certified scale receipts are reimbursed)
  • Road Taxes
    • (Paid by the company for the following sates: KY, NM, NY, OR)
  • Performance Reserve (Established for Contractor)
    • ($50\wk deduction until maximized at $2500 for insurance deductibles)
    • (Calculated on fleet average, deducted quarterly)
  • Truck Insurance Rates
  • Occupational Accident= $ 46.00/week
    • ($1,000,000 with contingent Work Comp)
  • Bobtail Insurance= $8.08\wk
    • ($1,000 liability coverage)
  • Physical Damage
    • = 2.75% of insured value of truck divided by 52 weeks for the weekly note.
  • License and Permits
    • $2100\year or $50\wk
    • Prorated through 12/31
  • Equipment Issue
    • $50\wk until issue amount is fulfilled.
  • *Trailers are provided at no cost to owner\operator*
  • We do have a Rider and Pet Policy with no wait period as well.
    • Requires a $500.00 pet deposit per truck