Information for Prospective Company Drivers

Steelman Transportation invites you to join our team as a company driver. In the Spring of 2014, after much review and research, Steelman decided to once again operate a company fleet for a number of reasons. Primarily, those reasons were:

  1. Customer freight volumes were through the roof and we needed trucks.
  2. There are a lot of safe, professional drivers who simply do not want to own a truck. They are looking for a quality carrier to drive for during their carrier.
  3. To allow our Independent Contractors the time off they need and desire.
  4. To educate those drivers who would like to be Independent Contractors but are not exactly sure what all is involved in being a business owner.

As a Steelman company driver, you will have the opportunity to earn $66,000 or more per year.

Overview of Payment and Benefits

  • Payment: $0.32-$0.36 per mile
  • Health insurance available
  • 401K plan: 3 percent of weekly earnings paid by company; 100 percent vested
  • Paid vacation
  • Tarping/side kit/Stop pay: $20 each, per occurrence
  • Detention: $20 per hour after 2 hours free time
  • Orientation pay: $500
  • Safety bonus: $0.03 per mile
  • Fuel economy bonus: $0.04 per mile, based on 7.5 miles per gallon
  • Clean DOT inspection: $50 per event
  • Driver referral bonus: $1,500 per referred driver

Additional Details:

  • Drivers are required to live within 100 miles of Springfield, Missouri.
  • Drivers will work approximately six (6) days out for every one (1) down day.
  • We service the lower 48 states and Canada. However, Canada is optional for every driver, and loads are assigned (forced dispatch with the Canada exception).
  • Fleet consists of Volvo trucks.
  • Trucks are kept at the Springfield, Missouri yard when not under dispatch, are equipped with EOBRs, and are set at 64 miles per hour for fuel economy.
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