Pet Program

Drivers are welcome to take their pets on the truck with them as long as a “Pet Policy Agreement” has been signed and is in place prior to moving the animal into the truck.

We consider non-exotic, non-violent animals as pets. This generally includes domestic dogs or cats. 

The signing driver is responsible for the pet, and the company cannot be held responsible for any death or injury to the animal. 

The company does reserve the right to not participate in an Agreement if there are concerns about the animal in question. Also, the company may require the animal be removed from the truck, temporarily or permanently, if damage or cleanliness to the tractor becomes an issue or if the pet displays aggressive tendencies. 

The number of pets allowed on a truck is limited for safety and hygiene reasons.

There is a $250 non-refundable pet deposit per animal. This amount can be paid in full either in cash, check or settlement deduction. The deposit can also be partially deducted each week until it is paid in full. If the driver trades trucks within our program, another pet deposit will have to be paid as these funds are used to clean and repair any damage, if applicable, caused by the animal being on a truck.   

Also, the driver is hereby advised that some customer facilities will not allow pets onto their premises so the driver may not be eligible for some loads.