Passenger Program

Steelman Transportation is pleased to offer qualifying drivers a no-charge Passenger Policy. 

The driver and passenger wishing to ride on the truck can obtain the proper forms from the Safety Department. This paperwork can only be authorized through the Safety Department, so arrangements should be made as soon as all parties know someone in addition to the driver wants to get on the truck.

A driver’s safety and performance record are reviewed before granting a Passenger Policy.

All guests must provide identification before authorization will be granted, and permission for multiple guests is possible but not guaranteed.

Guests in the truck must at least 10 years old. All minors must have the signature of the custodial parent or guardian in order to become passengers. 

The time limit a guest is allowed on the truck is dependent on the circumstances. 

Passengers are guests on the truck and are not to engage in any “driver related responsibilities” such as loading or unloading.

The driver and passenger(s) are hereby advised that some customer facilities will not allow passengers onto their premises so the passenger(s) may have to get out of the truck and wait for the truck to return to pick them up after loading or unloading.

Also, all should be advised that transporting passengers without proper authorization is a company and FMCSA violation and can result in termination of employment or lease/contract, whichever is applicable.